brave heart

**this is another post from my old blog, and i thought i’d share it here today :)

“i wouldn’t change a single page of our history. i’m gonna keep all the letters you wrote to me” — hilary duff, brave heart

this is a lyric toward the end of brave heart, which is track nine on hilary’s latest album, breathe in. breathe out. this line stood out to me from the very first time i heard the song, and it’s probably my favorite part of the song. if you haven’t heard it, (you should probably stop everything you’re doing and go listen to it right now) it’s basically about getting over someone. what i really like about it, though — especially this line — is she’s not saying “we’re done i’m deleting you from my life” or anything like that.

i don’t think ending a relationship with someone necessarily means you have to completely cut them out of your life. obviously there are some situations where that may be the best decision. but for the most part, i think it’s perfectly okay to hold on to those memories. obviously i’m not saying you should only focus on those memories and never move on and let something new happen. that’s not what i mean at all. when you’re in the relationship — and this doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship, it could just be a friendship, or any kind of relationship really — you’re happy (at least i would hope you are). when it’s over, i don’t think you should regret any of it, because you were happy at the time. why regret something that made you happy? so, it didn’t work out. that doesn’t mean you have to forget about it. you can learn and grow from it and have it as something nice to look back on in the future. and just because you’re not dating the person anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends.

hope you all have a great week :)

see you soon,
— ariel 💙



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