“alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — helen keller

i thought about not posting anything this week because i’ve been low on inspiration, but i last minute decided to share some thoughts on the women’s marches this weekend. this isn’t meant to be political or anything, because i’m not a political person and i am definitely not educated enough to really talk about these things (but i am trying to learn more and be more aware). these are just some observations. i didn’t participate directly, but i did follow along online. and there were three things that really stood out to me based on what i saw: the amount of people, the global reach, and the calmness (maybe not the right word but i’ll explain).

it was incredible to see how many people came together for the marches. i was literally in awe of the number of people i saw in each photo. and being from utah, i was especially proud of how many people were at the park city march. i know this was largely due to the fact that sundance is happening, but it still made me really happy because i feel like utah gets left out a lot or doesn’t have as big of a voice (hopefully that makes sense).

it was also really amazing to see that this wasn’t just in the u.s., but worldwide. i love when things reach a global level, because it makes the world seem smaller and much more connected. it also shows just how much of an impact we can make when we all come together, no matter how far everyone may be from each other.

the last thing that stood out to me was how calm everything was. i don’t know if calm is the right word, but what i mean is there were no riots (from what i saw). everything i saw was just peaceful, positive, and empowering. which is definitely something we need more of. we need so much more love and positivity in the world, and i think this weekend was a great start to that. there was such a huge sense of community and togetherness yesterday, and i think if we can hold onto that, great things can happen

see you soon,
— ariel 💙



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