firsts part 2

one of my new year’s resolutions for the past few years has been to try new things. i like to always try and push myself to have new experiences, because i think it’s a really important part of life. whether it’s as simple as seeing a new band play live (a pretty common thing for me), or doing something completely out of your comfort zone like voting for the next president of the united states (i’ve never understood politics, as much as i try). last year, i decided to start this blog with a list of things i did for the first time in 2015. so i thought i’d continue the tradition (is it really even a tradition yet if this is only my second time doing this?) by listing some of my favorite first experiences of 2016. some of these may seem weird to be listing as my “favorite” first time experiences of the year, but to me each of these were very special. i feel like i did a lot of growing up in 2016, although i still have a lot of adulting to learn about. but i’m proud of how far i’ve come. and i’m excited to see what first time experiences 2017 brings. but first, in 2016, i experienced my first time…

  1. buying a lottery (powerball) ticket (1.12.2016)
  2. attending a sundance film festival panel (1.28.2016)
  3. meeting mark ballas (1.28.2016)
  4. trying alcohol (wine) (2.6.2016)
  5. filing my own taxes (2.19.2016)
  6. buying a car (3.14.2016)
  7. seeing justin bieber (4.2.2016)
  8. seeing/meeting tori kelly (5.13.2016)
  9. attending a beach concert (switchfoot bro-am) (7.9.2016)
  10. seeing demi lovato and nick jonas (8.11.2016)
  11. seeing the sunrise from an airplane (9.24.2016)
  12. seeing odyssey dance theatre’s thriller (10.6.2016)
  13. seeing good charlotte (10.29.2016)
  14. voting (11.4.2016)
  15. taking a (harry potter) yoga class (12.17.2016)
  16. seeing a live version of the nutcracker (12.19.2016)

what’s something special you experienced for the first time in 2016? let me know in the comments :)

see you soon,
— ariel 💙



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