trying a meal plan

last month, i attempted to follow a meal plan. this is something i’ve thought about doing for quite some time now, but i’ve always found excuses to put it off. then a couple months ago, i got an email from buzzed food (if you’re not signed up for those, you’re missing out) with a link to a $50 meal plan that includes every meal for the entire week. i’m talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks every day. $50. FOR AN E N T I R E WEEK. that’s really cheap, guys. and since finances have been a big part in keeping me from following a meal plan, i decided this was one i could actually give a try. i thought i’d document how it went, so i could share what did and didn’t work for me. i know how hard eating healthy can be, especially when it requires you to go outside of your food comfort zone and try unfamiliar things. so hopefully this can be of some help, and also realize that when following meal plans, you don’t have to necessarily follow them exactly. you can always switch things up to suit your personal preferences and needs :)

i made a video that focuses more on a general overview of my results and my favorite meals (you can watch that here), but if you’d like a more detailed list of how each day went for me, continue reading :)

you can find the meal plan and grocery list here:

my results:

  • day 1
    • skipped breakfast (normal for me. i also don’t like oatmeal)
    • yogurt as pre-lunch snack instead of morning snack
    • red potatoes instead of sweet potatoes (they were cheaper). i don’t think i cooked them right, but overall the meal was still really good. i only ate half of the lunch, though, and then got full (but saved the rest)
    • ate two tacos (gave the third to my sister). they were good, but not sure how i felt about the beans (used kidney instead of black because that’s what we had in the pantry)
  • day 2
    • skipped the real day 2 because i wasn’t home long enough to cook anything
    • retried day 2 the next day
    • skipped breakfast, but had the smoothie after work (very filling and surprisingly SO GOOD. maybe my favorite part of the whole meal plan. only con is it was really thin and i prefer thicker smoothies)
    • no eggs on fake day 2 because i ate them on real day 2
    • stuffed pepper dinner was good, but i wasn’t quite sure how to eat it (i’ve never had a stuffed pepper before. but i just cut the pepper open)
  • day 3
    • skipped breakfast (shocker, i know)
    • eggs for pre-lunch snack
    • leftover sweet potato bowl from day 1 for lunch
    • two tacos for dinner instead of three. left out beans (not a fan of the kidney beans) and put more cucumber than tomatoes (not a fan of tomatoes either, but the cucumber overpowered the taste). SO GOOD
    • banana nice cream for late night snack
  • day 4
    • yogurt and kiwi for pre-lunch snack
    • not a huge fan of the lunch (which was disappointing as i was really looking forward to this one). not enough flavor. i think i would have liked it better if there had been more broccoli or less potato. added some butter and extra cheese to help the flavor (also, it came out of the oven kind of crispy, so i put it in the microwave for a few minutes and everything was much more tender)
    • just one taco for dinner (wasn’t that hungry)
  • day 5
    • smoothie and apple for lunch/afternoon snack
    • one quesadilla for midnight snack
    • gone most of the day, so didn’t have time for anything else
  • day 6
    • ran out of apples and yogurt
    • made a smoothie (frozen fruit instead of yogurt)
    • didn’t feel like baking a potato, so made another quesadilla for lunch
    • no dinner because mom made dinner (chicken and rice)
  • day 7
    • two taquitos for lunch (subbed tomatoes with peppers and lemon with lime)
    • salad for dinner. chopped cucumber instead of spiraling (don’t have a spiraler). didn’t have tahini. warmed up in microwave (didn’t like cold). was alright, but not my favorite

overall, i’m really happy with how this turned out. it showed me that i actually can eat healthy on a budget, and everything for the most part was really filling. i will definitely be saving some of these recipes for the future :) i hope this helps you in some way, and i definitely encourage everyone to try it out! i changed things up a lot, so don’t be scared to do the same and make it your own. let me know what you think :)

see you soon,
—ariel 💙




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