let’s try this again…

so, i’ve been really bad at posting lately (here, and on youtube). and honestly, i wish i had a good excuse for this. but i don’t. i was working two jobs, and it just became too much. trying to manage both jobs, posting weekly on a youtube channel and a blog, and keeping up with my personal life was extremely stressful. i started to realize this around april/may, and finally did something about it in june. i left my second job the last week of june so that i could put more time and effort into things that really matter to me. i thought everything would go back to normal immediately. i’d go back to posting every single week like i’d been good at in the past, i’d be able to spend more time with my friends, and everything would be great.

however, that’s not quite how things played out. i spent my first week post-second job preparing for a weekend trip to vegas and san diego the following weekend. i got home from that and house sat for my friend for a week and a half while she was in london. then i FINALLY got home and was able to sit down and figure out where exactly my life was. and i realized it was kind of a mess. i’d gotten so behind on literally every aspect of my life that i just didn’t even know where to begin putting it back together. and to be quite honest, i was feeling pretty discouraged about everything. so i’ve spent the past couple weeks slowly getting back on track and creating a plan for my future, and also just trying to get myself back to a happy place.

all that being said, here we have this post. i have so many thoughts and ideas that i’d like to bring to life on this blog (and youtube), but i’m not quite sure how to go about that yet (mostly because i still have to process them in my head first). but i don’t want that to keep me from posting, because i really enjoy it. so, here’s what i’m thinking. i’m going to start making much more of an effort to post something every single week on this blog, whether it’s a recipe i love and want to share, a little update on what i got up to during the week, or just whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment (which is usually an overwhelming amount of random thoughts because i’m the biggest over thinker you’ll ever find). this post is mostly a promise to myself to actually follow through with this. now that it’s in writing (type?) and out there on the internet, i have to stick with it. that’s how this works, right? anyway, i hope you’ll stick with me on this journey as i try to figure out what the heck i’m doing, and if you have any comments/suggestions of any kind — what I should keep doing/stop doing, posts you’d like to see in the future, other layouts or formats i should use, etc. — please don’t hesitate to let me know! i could use all the help i can get :)

see you soon,
— ariel 💙

ps: new video on my youtube channel coming in the next few days! click here to subscribe so you know when it’s live :)

pps: shout out to those who have followed this so far, even though i haven’t been the best blogger by any means. i promise you won’t regret your choice, and thanks for sticking with me :)


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