time capsule

this is another post from my old blog that i thought i’d share with you. i also made a video to go along with it which you can watch below :)

“we all have our time machines. some take us back, they’re called memories. some take us forward, they’re called dreams” — jeremy irons

i really like this because not only does it mention the past, but it also brings up the future. i think that’s one of the great things about time capsules — they show us how much has changed in whatever timeframe they represent. and i get why this can be scary for some people. not everyone wants to take a look into their past, for whatever reason. maybe their past wasn’t the best and they don’t need a reminder when they’ve been trying to forget and move on. or maybe they’re going through a hard time and the past was better, and seeing how great things used to be just makes the current situation seem that much worse. whatever the reason, that’s totally understandable.

i personally love looking back at things of my past (sometimes). yeah, there are plenty of things i don’t want to remember, but i also don’t necessarily regret anything. i’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and even though i haven’t loved every experience i’ve had, they’ve gotten me to where i am now. opening that time capsule brought back a lot of great memories of things i haven’t thought of in years, and that was a really cool feeling. i’ve even been thinking of making another one now to open when i’m like, 30 or something. which brings me to the other part of the quote—the future. like i said before, i love the concept of time capsules and seeing how much has changed. and i think if you can see how much you’ve progressed already, just think of how much more progress you’ll make in the future if you keep following your dreams. sure, you may not be where you want to be yet, but you’re so much closer than you were when you made the time capsule 5-10 years ago.

i would definitely recommend anyone reading this to take some time to dig a little into your past. find some old photos and enjoy the memories they hold, and also think about how much you’ve grown since then. maybe even make your own time capsule to open in a few years and be reminded of all the great memories you’re making right now :)



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