my first car

about a month and a half ago, i bought my first official car. i’m currently 24 years old, and for the past eight years i drove a 1997 mercury mystique. it was the first car my mom bought brand new, the car i learned to drive in, and the car i’ve driven the most in my life. we just sold that car about a week ago, and it was honestly a pretty emotional experience for me in so many ways (not quite as emotional as i expected, but emotional nonetheless). it was hard for me because, like i mentioned before, it was the car i learned to drive in and the car i’ve driven most. i made SO many memories in that car, and i’m a very nostalgic person, so saying goodbye to something that played such a big role in my life was very difficult. i mean, i wasn’t even home when it was sold, so i didn’t even get a chance to actually say goodbye. i just came home from work one day and it was gone.

but, while it was quite sad, it was also a HUGE relief to me. yeah, i had a lot of great adventures in that car, but it was also kind of a piece of crap. it had so many problems that it got to the point of me being in constant fear that something was going to go wrong every time i drove it. i can’t even describe how happy i was when i finally found my new car, knowing that i wouldn’t have to drive the old car again. the only problem now was that i was left with a car payment, which absolutely terrified me (it still kind of terrifies me because i definitely do not feel adult enough to have a car payment yet). however, this has caused me to do a little evaluating on where my life is right now, financially speaking, and i’ve realized that i’m actually capable of handling a lot more than i thought i was. i mean, i’ve been paying for rent, my phone, and car insurance for the last year and a half. i also have netflix, spotify, and gas that i’ve been paying for probably even longer than that. each time i added something new to the list of bills, i wasn’t quite sure how it would go. but i worked it out. and actually, the more bills i acquire, the more responsible i am with my money. a few months ago i had less than $200 in my savings account and now i am literally saving more money than i have probably in my entire life (my tax return also helped with that but still). my income hasn’t changed at all, i’m just learning new and better ways to save money while also allowing myself to do things that i enjoy.

there’s two points i wanted to make with this post. the first is that change can be hard, and saying goodbye can be sad, but the new can be so much better for you. and the second is that you’re capable of more than you give yourself credit for. i don’t mean this just financially, but in any part of life. i’ve been stuck in this rut of struggling to even save a dollar and worrying that i’ll be stuck in my current situation forever, but now i’m finally seeing a positive change and i have hope for myself and my future again. and i owe a lot of that to my new car for changing my perspective. i’ve finally started to get out of my rut and see the bright side again, and you can get to this point too. sometimes it just takes a little time :)


ps: if anyone is interested in how i’ve been able to save more money lately, i’d be happy to do a post on that too. i know how hard it can be, but i’ve discovered some super simple tricks that might be helpful :)


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