back in february, i was able to catch up with a friend who lives in colorado while i was there on a weekend trip. one of the things we talked about was him possibly moving to chicago. this led to us talking a little about the weather (i know this sounds really lame, but just stay with me here). him being from colorado, and myself from utah, we grew up living in pretty similar climates. i’ve never been to chicago and don’t really know much about the weather there, but he told me it’s pretty much the same all the time and he prefers a variety when it comes to weather. i didn’t really think much about this until about a week later when i was home and it was really warm, and then all of a sudden we had a snow storm.

i’ve taken this for granted most of my life, but i’m actually really lucky to live in a place like this. thinking about other areas of the world, you have all these places where it’s “always *insert weather type*.” california is always summer. london is always rainy and gloomy (so i hear. i’ve also never been to london, so i can’t say i know this from personal experience). and then you have places like utah, where you can literally experience all four seasons in one day (sometimes in just a few hours). if you don’t believe me, just spend some time in utah during the spring or fall and i can almost guarantee you’ll experience a day with snow in the morning and 60-70° weather by afternoon (or vice versa). this can often result in attempting to dress for all the weather at once, or just hibernating inside until the weather figures its crap out. basically, it’s a huge pain a lot of the time. however, i am slowly learning to appreciate this unique environment i live in. there’s something sort of exciting about the unpredictability of it all.

to anyone reading this — take a moment to really take in your surroundings. try to find the beauty in what you normally complain about, or maybe even something you usually don’t think twice about.


ps: thanks to kevin for inspiring this post, and changing my way of thinking :) (even though he’ll probably never see this, but that’s okay haha)


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