be your own valentine

this is for anyone who has ever been alone on valentine’s day. or “single awareness day/s.a.d.” as most single people prefer to call it. maybe this is the hopeless romantic coming out in me, but i have always loved this holiday. and i’ve never had a valentine (one year i had a virtual valentine but that doesn’t count). while i don’t believe in the commerciality of the holiday, i do think it’s a really cute holiday and don’t see anything wrong with showing people you love and appreciate them. that being said, i am NOT saying you should only show love on valentine’s day. you should be doing that any and every day. you never need a reason to tell someone you love them.

anyway, back to the reason for this post. this is for all you single people out there. i get that a holiday like this can be really hard if you don’t have a significant other to share it with. i’ve definitely been there (i had a moment yesterday actually). but just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t still have love in your life. if you have anyone in your life that you love (romantic or not), tell them. or just do like hailee steinfeld and love yourself. i literally spent $20 on chocolate covered strawberries and mini reese’s for myself last night, just because i felt like doing something nice for myself for valentine’s day. i also made myself cookies because why not? and at some point today i plan on continuing my annual tradition of watching valentine’s day by myself. this all may sound really depressing to some people, but i love the idea of taking a day for yourself every once in a while.

so if you’re single this valentine’s day, make sure you do something special for yourself. go out and splurge on something you’ve been wanting for a while. or if you prefer to stay in, have a netflix marathon (i recommend gilmore girls). just do something that makes you happy, whatever that may be. be your own valentine. :)


ps if you’re in the mood for music, here’s some good self love songs :)

  1. hailee steinfeld — love myself
  2. beyoncé — single ladies (put a ring on it)
  3. hilary duff — one in a million
  4. selena gomez — who says
  5. tori kelly — anyway
  6. fifth harmony — BO$$
  7. jason derulo — ridin’ solo
  8. good charlotte — i don’t wanna be in love (dance floor anthem)
  9. britney spears — stronger
  10. taylor swift — 22

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