as we’ve just begun a new year, i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. one of my resolutions (or goals, as i prefer to call them) of 2015 was to try as many new things as possible. i didn’t really consciously pay attention to this throughout the year, i just tried to be more open to new/different things. the other day i decided to make a list of everything i tried for the first time. so, without further ado, in 2015 i experienced my first time….

  1. buying a plane ticket
  2. trying panera
  3. being alone over night
  4. flying by myself
  5. missing a flight
  6. visiting griffith observatory
  7. visiting urth caffé
  8. visiting lacma
  9. going to build-a-bear
  10. experiencing black friday
  11. riding a rollercoaster at the beach
  12. leaving the state by myself
  13. (mini) road tripping by myself
  14. trying nepalese food
  15. going to an arena show by myself
  16. trying a food truck
  17. zip lining
  18. seeing
    1. alex & sierra
    2. rachel platten
    3. halsey
    4. imagine dragons
    5. sam hunt
    6. lady antebellum
    7. max
    8. hoodie allen
    9. wiz khalifa
    10. pentatonix
    11. kelly clarkson
    12. coasts
    13. vance joy
    14. x ambassadors
    15. lostboycrow
    16. megan & liz

this is just a list that i came up with in about five minutes, so i’m sure there are plenty other first times i experienced. these are just the main things. and i’m sure many of these seem extremely small and simple, but some of them were actually pretty big accomplishments for me (i never thought i’d get on an airplane by myself, but now i can say i’ve done it four times). i’m really proud of a lot of the things i did in 2015, and i’m SO excited to see what first time experiences 2016 brings. i encourage everyone reading this to see how many new things they can do this year as well. you’d be surprised at how much you can do without even realizing, if you just open yourself up to trying new things. let’s make 2016 our best year yet :)



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